About Me

Welcome to my domain. I am a student, a programmer, and sometimes a writer. I also occasionally do other things, like go outside.


Game development is my favorite pastime. I first started making games when I was very young, and it has become an obsession more than a hobby. Most of my games are available freely, although several are for sale in various places. Visit my games page for my information.


Games aren't the only things I develop. I've created a variety of software, from a CHIP-8 emulator to a number set analyzer. Visit my software page for information on my programming projects.


As I mentioned, I am sometimes a writer. I write tutorials, and also fiction. Visit the other works page for information on my writings as well as other random things that I might happen to make, such as music.

If you like what I do, and want to help me continue to do it, feel free to donate. Any amount is appreciated!